4 differences between Polish and German parents

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Before I became a mum, I never thought about what makes adults in Poland or in other countries the way they are. Even though I don’t like to generalize, I can’t deny the differences in mentality, characters or their manner between Poles and Germans. You can notice them even if you’re on a short vacation in a foreign country but if you emigrate – for example like me to Germany – you get a much bigger insight and the differences are much more visible. There is no doubt about that the upbringing in the family shapes a growing up person. Here are a few observations I made about the differences in upbringing in polish and german homes. They’re very subjective so it’s quite possible that other parents’ observations are the opposite. Continue reading


What surprised me when my child was born

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First it takes ages to put a kid to bed and once they are finally asleep you can’t wait until they are awake again. You can cut it short by looking at their pictures while waiting. In the first weeks the babies are exhausted. The birth is as tiring to them as it is to the mothers. They sleep pretty much all of the time. In the first days they are awake for 1 hour, so you spend a long time waiting to “play” again. It’s a great time for the mother to take some rest and recover as well. Continue reading

5 things I’m going to do when my child goes in the kindergarten

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My one and only son is almost 3 years old so it’s time for him to start his social education by… going to the kindergarten. The first 3 years of his life were beautiful but also pretty exhausting which every mother can relate to. There has also not been much space for mommy freedom during that time. Starting with breastfeeding, the life as I once knew has dramatically changed. Having to deal with the terrible threes I would count the days left until kindergarten start while tearing my hair out. So, I have made a list of things I’d like to do with all my spare time (till noon!): Continue reading