New Year’s resolutions and why I don’t make any

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The picture says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂 First of all, resolutions are like diets – they don’t work and most of us found out about it more times than we would like to admit. I’m also not very comfortable with the thought that I need to change something because it means I’m not ok the way I am now and I refuse to think that. It’s been way to long when I thought about myself this way. I don’t believe you need January 1st, a Monday or the beginning of the month to start over. I believe Thursday 3 p.m. is as good as any other moment to improve your life.

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“Gilmore girls. A Year in the Life”- was it worth it?

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There has been something I’ve been hoping, praying and waiting for for years and my dreams finally came true on the 25th of November. I mean the revival of my all-time favourite show „Gilmore Girls“. My ex-boyfriend pranked me about this a few years ago. No wonder he had to go, right? But the true question is – was it worth the wait? Continue reading

3 things you need to know if you’re afraid of judgement (and don’t want to be)

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If you are afraid of other people’s judgement – what they think of how you behave, what you wear, what you say – you name it, then you can high-five me because that’s where I’ve been in my life for decades. But not anymore. It took me a long time to realize how this fear clips my wings and stops me from living my life to the fullest. My point of view has changed once I had these AHA moments: Continue reading

4 differences between Polish and German parents

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Before I became a mum, I never thought about what makes adults in Poland or in other countries the way they are. Even though I don’t like to generalize, I can’t deny the differences in mentality, characters or their manner between Poles and Germans. You can notice them even if you’re on a short vacation in a foreign country but if you emigrate – for example like me to Germany – you get a much bigger insight and the differences are much more visible. There is no doubt about that the upbringing in the family shapes a growing up person. Here are a few observations I made about the differences in upbringing in polish and german homes. They’re very subjective so it’s quite possible that other parents’ observations are the opposite. Continue reading

How to lower stress – part 1: meditation

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dsc_0208The newest polish radio commercial of a herbal pill to calm down gives a simple answer to the question “how to deal with stress?” -“fast!”. It sounds wonderful but does not exclude risks. After taking that don’t-care-pill, you shouldn’t wonder you ignored your professors question during an exam because you thought it was stupid (true story). Not to mention physical adverse effects of any pills, even herbal. There are other methods to lower stress levels that are quick and proven – I mean meditation. Before you start searching for a close button ASAP you just need to know that if you want other results than before, you need to do something you’ve never tried before. Continue reading

My favorite inspiring Podcasts

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Ever since becoming a mom I got very enthusiastic about anything that helps me save time. I’m multi-tasking on a daily basis. At this point of my life I actually feel that I’m wasting time if I’m doing only 1 thing at a given time. Like in other peoples lives, time for myself is scheduled at the end of any to-do list and it usually gets postponed and moved to new lists. Because I’m a self-development junkie, I fell in love with podcasts as soon as I found out about them. They combine two of my favorite things – inspiration and multi-tasking. Continue reading