New Year’s resolutions and why I don’t make any

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The picture says it all, doesn’t it? 🙂 First of all, resolutions are like diets – they don’t work and most of us found out about it more times than we would like to admit. I’m also not very comfortable with the thought that I need to change something because it means I’m not ok the way I am now and I refuse to think that. It’s been way to long when I thought about myself this way. I don’t believe you need January 1st, a Monday or the beginning of the month to start over. I believe Thursday 3 p.m. is as good as any other moment to improve your life.

Also, making these big resolutions is overwhelming and people mostly quit because they never chunk their goals down to small steps. I like to think of my 2017 as continuation of my life’s improvements. And here’s what I’m about this year:

  • focus on self love and self care (finally want to learn that!)

  • scheduling me-time (early mornings)

  • keeping my fitness level high – something I’ve been struggling with for the last six months. I told myself it was because I was going through some tough time in my life but I’m sure I’d get much easier through it if I moved my body regularly

  • listening to my body – this includes fitness and wellness in general. I’m going to do the movement that I really enjoy like running, yoga or zumba and not forcing myself through movement I hate. But also I’m going to listen when my body needs rest. It’s so important!


    • Being more outside. I’m so lucky I live surrounded by nature and not being outside every day is a crime. For example running is like therapy for me. I need more of that.

    • Enjoy each moment

    • Be more patient

    • Do more of the things I love like reading, writing, shopping 🙂

    • Post more regularly on the blog. I started this blog to develop and to keep myself accountable. I want to get back to that. I have signed up for a photography class. You can expect better pictures coming your way soon 🙂

    Fingers crossed and good luck with your New Year’s resolutions if you have any! In case of doubt – just be yourself!

    See you soon!

this year I will


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