“Gilmore girls. A Year in the Life”- was it worth it?

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There has been something I’ve been hoping, praying and waiting for for years and my dreams finally came true on the 25th of November. I mean the revival of my all-time favourite show „Gilmore Girls“. My ex-boyfriend pranked me about this a few years ago. No wonder he had to go, right? But the true question is – was it worth the wait?

I know some fans are complaining, crying and even regretting to have watched the Gilmore girls revival. But not me! Of course there were things I thought weren’t necessary but I’d never say I never regret anything in life. So here’s my opinion on the “Gilmore girls. A Year in the Life”.

The producers call it an event and that’s exactly what it is – 4 parts for 4 season of one year. My binge watching has definitely been an event. Haven’t done that in a while! True fans want to see their beloved characters the way they were and the same goes for the show. So here’s what we got and what I’m most excited about:

  1. The most beautiful (and yet dynamic) mother-daughter relationship ever! I have never met anyone who has such a great relationship in real life and can you tell I’m a little jealous? Lorelai and Rory have their problems too like they’ve had before but the love is stronger than any obstacles and opinions. The show tells a story about how how loving each other means tolerance.
  2. The opening scene in winter is perfection! Lorelai sitting on the Stars Hollow gazebo smelling the snow and waiting for her daughter and when she arrives they’re having their typical fast and funny conversation while walking through the towns wonderland. It makes my heart melt and I can actually smell the snow as well!
  3. The fashion hasn’t changed so much! I get the feeling they were waiting so long with the revival until flare jeans were fashionably again!
  4. Every Gilmore girl came full circle – Lorelai finally forgave her parents and herself and can settle, get married and be happy. Emily realized that status meant nothing, turned her world upside down and found her true self after her husband passed. Rory has to grow up, stand on her own feet after having a lot handed in her past. At last she has to deal with the consequences on how terribly she treated guys her whole life (poor Paul!).

gilmore-girlsWhat was different than the original show:

  1. The “Gilmore girls. A Year in the Life” is not full of pop-culture references like we know and love it from the original series.
  2. The appearance of some characters didn’t bring anything into the storyline. For example Rory meeting Dean in the grocery shop or the members of the life and death brigade or Sookie and Jackson showing up out of the blue had no influence on what happened on the show and was unnecessary. They only showed up to show up.
  3. Musical parts. I could only make it through the weird musical scene with the life and death brigade because I adore the Beatles. I understand those who were disappointed and said it didn’t fit the show at all. Both scenes – the musical and the rehearsal were way too log and unnecessary. But of course I understand that the dynamics of a 90 minute show needs to be different than the 40 minutes episodes. It’s still not worth it. The Stars Hollow Musical was even worse. Way too long (10 minutes!!).

The show is an amazing gift for the fans. It was great to see Stars Hollow and the girls and the crew again. The whole thing felt like a high school reunion after 10 years (and you actually liked people on your high school). Seeing all the familiar faces put a smile on my face. The show was witty, touching and adorable as we know it. You can like the story or not, I’m not someone who would judge whether this or that should have happened on it. I know it was a little different then the original produced a decade ago but I also know the Palladinos can do it better! And all the fans and I would love to see the show continue! That’s all I want for Christmas. More Gilmore girls!

Now I’m getting back to Christmas preparations!

See you soon!


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