Flip your fate within seconds

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A few days ago when I wanted to go to bed I’ve noticed a lollipop sticking to my sheets. Of course the situation wasn’t perfect and the old me would have flipped out about it but instead I was happy and smiled. Do you want to know why?
I could have been angry or disappointed because obviously it’s what my kid did. Sticky sheets is not something I was hoping to find but the only thing I could think of was how lucky I was to be able to experience this. I thought how amazing it is to be a mom and to have a healthy and adventurous little toddler in the house. I felt so blessed at this moment. The truth is this wouldn’t happen to me if I didn’t have a child (even though my husband swore he could do that too) and that is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life and pretty much all I’ve ever wanted. So yes, a damage can also help you realize how lucky or happy you are.

Did it ever happen to you that you got so caught up in the difficulties that happened to you in the moment and got so stressed and angry so you forgot the bigger picture? And when you calmed down after a while you realized you overreacted and the whole thing was actually meaningless and not worth getting angry about it. The truth is there is always something positive to be found in any given situation, it just sometimes takes more time to appear to us. We need some more distance to see the bigger picture and our fate. I truly believe we’re the creators of our own fate because our thoughts become our reality. And our thoughts are probably the only thing in this world we actually can control! Here are a few examples.

Your boss drives you crazy

Your boss is unfair, doesn’t see your full potential, gives you too much to do, doesn’t pay you enough, is rude etc. This may all be true but guess what? There are many people who don’t even have the opportunity that you have – a job. A job that lets them live, provide food, clothes and a roof over their heads for them and their families. There are many people who would love to have your boss in a second! Don’t get me wrong – I’m the first to make a change or look for better options if there is something bothering me but I also think that gratefulness is the key to happiness.image-1


You need to clean your house. Again.

You feel like you’re always cleaning, you’re not even done with it and you need to start all over again. It’s a never ending story, especially with kids or husbands or pretty anyone you live with. First of all, take a deep breath or… a few breaths and relax. Nobody is perfect and you can’t be either. And second of all… be grateful! That you have a house to clean! That you have kids and family to make the mess. That you are able to watch them grow and learn and live together. It’s the biggest blessing.



You stepped into your dogs poop.

I hope you get my point by now. Be happy that you have a dog and that he has a great digestion! He could have been sick or not there anymore.

How we see the world depends only on us. Tony Robbins, who is probably the most famous life coach in the world also experiences negative emotions but he has a 90 seconds rule to deal with them. He allows the negative emotions for 90 seconds and then he lets go and moves on. The way we see obstacles but also our lives daily depends on us. I choose to focus on the good parts of life and laugh about the rest. What is your choice?

See you soon!


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