How to find your passion and your purpose

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Having a passion has become a trend. Everybody likes to be surrounded by people who live their passion. Their lives seem to make sense and those who’s work is their passion are great at what they do. Everybody would like to have one. Converting your passion to a job would be a perfect situation but it’s not for everyone. Nevertheless it is always a good idea to find something you love doing and spend your free time doing it as counterbalance to work. It’s easy if you have something that makes your heart beat faster. But if you don’t – no worries. There are a few ways to find it. If the list below doesn’t help – keep reading! I will reveal every persons purpose and how one person can make the world better by the end of this article.

To get closer to your passion you need to find some time only for yourself first. It has to be without distractions and electronic devices because they drown your inner voice. Sit down in quiet and think about and (ideally) write down:

What did you like doing when you were younger or as a child?

Remind yourself what used to make you happy as a child. Maybe someone complimented you for something that surprised you because you thought the skill you had was obvious? How did you like to spend your time? Was there any creative activity you enjoyed? Did you dream about something? Maybe you were a member of a club or a group when you were a student? As kids, we often have something that gives us joy and absorbs us but at some point we grow up and decide we need to start earning money and don’t have time for the “silly” stuff anymore. It couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, we all need to pay our bills but if your job isn’t balanced out with a hobby, you can easily fall in the trap of never ending stress and destructive behaviors. It’s not a rare phenomenon. That’s why the pubs are full in the evenings and shopping centers on the weekends. Sometimes we just forget what our passion used to be and we need to remind ourselves of that. Just trust your intuition.

Get inspired

Read, read and do some more reading! If you don’t have a hobby it might be because you haven’t heard about it yet. Get inspired by a book, a good movie or a podcast. I’m a big fan of books and podcasts. Maybe you’ll find out after reading your fifth book that reading is your passion? If you don’t find anything interesting in a book it won’t be a waste of time because reading ALWAYS makes you grow and learn something. It is important to find even a little time for reading each day. A great inspiration source and an opportunity to grow are podcasts. I’m listening to them while driving or cleaning my house. You can rarely find me without headphones. I love hearing other people’s stories.

Try out new things

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover – Mark Twain

Look up in a newspaper for some courses, events or meetings. Maybe a joining a photography course, a crochet school or a film club hits the jackpot? One of the ways to feel and stay young is always growing and developing. When you’re a little lucky the new found passion will stay with you for longer. But it can also change over time and that’s ok too. Make a bucket list of things you were talking about for ages that you “will do them someday” or “when you have more time”. Just write them down and do them one step at a time. You never know how much time you still have left. If you hear a quiet voice inside you or a feeling that pulls you in one direction… listen to it and take action! Listen to your intuition. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner.

IMG_8029Don’t worry

One of my favorite authors Glennon Doyle Melton wrote in her book “Carry On, Warrior” about a friend who wanted to write but wouldn’t because she said she’s not good at it. The author says that when it comes to passion it’s not about being good at it or not. If you love doing something you should keep doing it and give the world a gift only you can give – yourself. So don’t worry about obstacles. Just focus on what gives you joy.

The ultimate purpose

I love this quote and I believe it refers to anything in life – not just the body

This blog is one of my passions. But of course it is not a universal hobby for everyone. We all want to find something that gives us satisfaction and that is different for everybody. And yet I believe that there is one ultimate true purpose for every person on this planet and that is… being the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES they can be. Being better makes the world that surrounds us a better place. Working on and being a better parent makes our children happier and that impacts future generations. Being happy makes people you interact with happier and it might inspire them to change their lives. As you see, you don’t have to be Mother Theresa II, find a cure for cancer or run a foundation that feeds millions of hungry children. Every tiny step counts.

The world today runs so fast that even standing still makes you actually move backwards. If there is one thing always worth investing in it’s YOURSELF. It’s the one thing that will stay with you forever. Broad horizons make us more interesting and a trained mind will serve us well for longer. The employers have learnt to value employees with passions too. So go ahead and have fun searching!

See you soon!


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