What surprised me when my child was born

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First it takes ages to put a kid to bed and once they are finally asleep you can’t wait until they are awake again. You can cut it short by looking at their pictures while waiting. In the first weeks the babies are exhausted. The birth is as tiring to them as it is to the mothers. They sleep pretty much all of the time. In the first days they are awake for 1 hour, so you spend a long time waiting to “play” again. It’s a great time for the mother to take some rest and recover as well.

Birth doesn’t have to be a loud event

My son was born naturally. The maternity ward doesn’t have to be as loud as rush hour in the streets of New York City. I’m a rather calm person and I approached the labour pragmatically. I knew that no matter how loud my screams are – it won’t soothe the pain but it might cost me a lot of energy. And I had a feeling I might need it later. The delivery room was loud anyways because of some women screaming in other rooms. The midwife told me she never had such a quiet mother before. One more thing was different than in movies. The newborn don’t necessarily cry when they see the world for the first time. My son was just watching the world with his big eyes. I thought his gaze is very smart from the first moment. I stick with that despite the laughs.


I have always loved long walks. But my husband is the type of person who parks as close to door as possible and he would drive in circles until he finds a parking spot. We go together on walks pretty rare (usually when the parking is full :)). We have 2 dogs who would love to go for walks with me. It’s pretty risky though because they are hunting dogs and prefer chasing hares or our neighbor’s cats than walking on a leash. I don’t take them with me anymore because I didn’t want to explain the neighbors where their cats disappeared. So I couldn’t wait to stroll with my newborn and we started a few days after he was born. The first walk was neither long nor a pleasure. The pain after giving birth makes it hard to find a comfortable, painless position and walking is not one of them. The baby needs to be fed or the diaper needs to be changed really often so staying close to home makes sense and is convenient. The time when I was actually able to enjoy long walks was very short. When the child grows it gets bored by only sitting in the stroller and when it learns to walk the stroller is not even an option anymore.

The overwhelming love to your child

Pregnant women and their environment are being guided and driven crazy by their hormones. My crazy brain made me doubt if I am going to like my child. I have always dreamt about a girl. That was only because I didn’t even know how to play with boys and I couldn’t imagine what I could teach him. When we found out it was going to be a boy, my husband started having doubts too. Me joking and saying “if it’s a boy, you can have him!” weren’t helpful at all.

But then the moment came when I saw my little boy for the first time and it was an experience that one can’t compare to anything else. It was doubtless the most beautiful moment of my life despite the exhaustion and open wounds (you just don’t feel them in that moment). Even the toughest guy would shed a tear. The parents fall in love at first sight of their newborn. Every other love one has felt until then – to parents, friends or even partners are no patch on the infinite and ultimate love one feels to their baby. I held the little boy in my arm and I knew my heart belongs to him. I couldn’t understand how it was possible to feel a love so deep and big to a 50cm tall person who doesn’t need to do anything to deserve it. That moment I knew every single “ouch” would make my heart fall into pieces and every smile would melt it. And I finally understood what the meaning of my life was.

What surprised you when your child was born?

See you soon xx


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