Harderwijk in the Netherlands – the perfect destination for a weekend getaway

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In the last couple of weeks I was traveling a lot. My family and I have spent the last weekend in Harderwijk – an adorable town in the Netherlands. Here are a few pictures of the place and what I loved about it.

Harderwijk is a small harbor town and it may not seem quite spectacular for a weekend getaway but it’s the opposite! The best thing to do when you’re there is to search accommodation somewhere in the center. We stayed in the Best Western Hotel and it was a great choice. It’s situated in the Old Town so you can reach every attraction on foot. I love this way of sightseeing because you take the time to experience the cities’ atmosphere and actually live it without worrying about parking space.

Why Harderwijk is totally worth visiting:

  1. Veluwemeer

    Veluwemeer is a lake the town is situated at. It was 2 minutes away from our hotel. It’s connected with other lakes in the area and there are perfect conditions for water sports like windsurfing. For us, the most important thing was the sandy beach though which was beautiful. I couldn’t say no to a morning jog along the lake either.

  2. Architecture.



    ArchitectureI’m a big architecture fan although I can’t name even one element of it. To me everything is “nice”, “beautiful” or “nothing special”. The last one never happens because I love to admire architecture with my amateur eyes. And the dutch architecture is unique, charming and it was love at first sight for me. You can see typical dutch architecture in Harderwijk.

  3. Sightseeing

    IMG_4914If you’re a fan of sightseeing and a person who is moderately interested in history you’ll also find Harderwijk fascinating. There are some historical buildings and places you can see (all on foot) like a church from the 15th century, the city museum or the defensive walls. Furthermore, there are often events and concerts happening in Harderwijk, so really it’s not possible to be bored.

  4. People

    Our hotel window view
    Our hotel window view

    I probably should have started with this point. The Dutch are really kind, open and friendly people and they seem to be happy with their lives. No wonder – they move a lot – they don’t go anywhere without their bikes. They practically live outside and we all know that fresh air makes people happy. I found them incredibly cool on their bikes. They can ride with two small kids sitting on it (one in the front and one in the back) or use their tablet while riding. Fascinating!

  5. Dolfinarium

    It’s a great alternative if the weather is not so good. It’s a mammal park where you can see dolphins and other marine mammals and fish. There are dolphin shows held. We were lucky and had good weather so we preferred staying in the Old Town or at the beach. I keep the dolfinarium in mind for the next time we visit though.

IMG_4923Harderwijk is a place you should absolutely see. It’s adorable, friendly and everybody can find something they love about it. Because it has the great combination of a charming city and a lot of calming nature.


See you soon!


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